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South Jakarta

HSE Policy

PT. PETROFLEXX PRIMA DAYA determined and works to achieve the goal by requiring all workers to give priority to the quality of the operation by always referring to the security of operations, safety and health of workers, and Environmental Protection. Management and all employees are asked to always participate actively support the company’s policy in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), which in principle are:

Plan, prepare and maintain various facilities and facilities needed in each company’s operating activities in accordance with applicable regulations, in order sela1u can protect workers, assets of companies and environmental sustainability.
Referring to Law No.1 of 1970 on Occupational Safety and Law No.23 of 1997 regarding Environmental Management, leaders establish and implement a management system of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection is required to support operations and workers , and the continuous promotion policy to support companies in the Safety, Health and Environment.
Made various efforts to prevent operation failure, work accidents and environmental damage.
Requiring all workers to work together, either with government agencies and with all partners in any activity of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) carried out wherever the company’s operations

Quality Policy

Meet customer requirements, legislation in force, and adding value to shareholders, partners and employees.
Perform actions on continuous improvement of products and improve the quality of human resources consistently to achieve the level of competence, professionalism and discipline in accordance with the demands of business and markets.
Keeping well as safety, health and environmental sustainability at work every work site and headquarters operations without accidents (zero accident)