eProcurement System – Anemo

1. What Is Anemo

Anemo (Aplikasi eProcurement & Monitoring) is a system that integrate the key elements of the business procurement process included information technology, flow process, facilities, equipment, tools, and people.


2. Technology

  • Web platform technologies with : —Vb.Net vbnet
  • ——Sql Server Database sqlserver
  • —Bootstrap framework for front end


3. Purpose

The product was developed in order to respond business environment especially SKK Migas regulation and user’s requirements as internal environment

4. Benefit

Standardized form that is used for each procurement steps, the real-time status of the procurement progress can be updated automatically and enable the stakeholder to self-accesses the information from at anywhere and anytime.

Eases communication and enable to minimize the use of paper. Furthermore, make bidding easy, transparent process and competitive. Automatic generated procurement status can be presented by dynamic reporting tools on pre-defined and selected user’s format.

Ultimately, this report can be used as standard information by all stakeholders to evaluate and monitor the Key Performance Index (KPI) of the procurement process cycle in terms of lead time and cost saving.


5. Capability

Based on the phase of standard procurement process, the capability of the application were designed, developed and grouped into 3(three) main modules which are Pre-Process, In-Process, and Post-Process

6. Anemo System

  • Accesses at anywhere and anytime
  • Online connection with Registered Vendor
  • Easy to operate
  • Transparent and competitive

  • Procurement Specialist Landing Page

  • Procurement Report

  • Procurement Analysis

  • System Customization